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First Post!

Well, this is not my first blog, ? but hopefully, I’ll be able to keep this one up. I’ve had blogs since I’ve been about 12 years old. I’m 29 now. (My birthday was actually on the 9th of January. ?) But for some reason, I always flake out. Not on purpose! I usually just stop writing, OR worse, only write when I’m sad or upset. So my blog ends up sounding really dramatic and emotional lol.

Or, like my last blog, I got hacked. ? No Bueno. And Google didn’t like that too much. So instead of trying to save it, I decided to just create a completely new one. The goal this time will be to write on a regular basis. Not just when I’m sad or mad or frustrated. ?

But also when I’m happy, elated, joyful, scared, hurt, etc. ALL the time. Ideally, I’d like to say that I’d write every day but that’s going to be hard to commit to. So for now, I’m going to aim for 3x / week.

I need to find a layout that I actually like! I can’t seem to find one, and I don’t feel like designing one from scratch. (But I could if I wanted to. Because I’m a graphic/web designer/digital marketer.) Maybe I should work on an about me page next? Yes. Probably.

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