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Getting Busy & Overwhelmed

So, the good news is that I’m getting busy in both my tutoring company and my digital marketing agency. The bad news is, I’m getting so busy that there’s not enough time in the ‘standard workday’ for me to deal with everything and thus I have to stay up late to deal with everything. ?? Which is no bueno for my sleep pattern. I already have trouble staying asleep as it is.

My tutoring company, Work Smart, Be Smart Tutoring, was orginally my primary bread and butter. Then I started focusing on KJ Designs, my digital marketing agency. And kinda let WSBS Tutoring fall off a little bit. Not on purpose, but I just couldn’t do both. Now, I’m finding myself in that same predicament, but the plan is to get WSBST back up and running and make it self-run. Because all I really need to do is hire a few tutors and connect them to parents. Then I can manage the business, instead of being everything for the business. From marketer, owner, tutor, receptionist, and HR/Billing. I was semi there at one point, where I had 3 people working for me with about 6 – 8 children being tutored at once. Business was good. Then Covid-19 hit. You know the rest of course. ?

KJ Designs is doing relatively well! I’m so shocked that people actually believe in me. I had imposter syndrome for the longest time, but I’m finally gaining confidence in myself. I know I got this. I know I can bring them results. I just need to spend more time honing my craft. Which I can do. I just need to be more focused. Disciplined.

I work from home, so me staying focused sometimes is a challenge. But I’m working on it. I want an office, but my mom says it’d be a waste of money, and she’s probably right. But I feel like it’d make me more productive…eh.

I’m feeling slighly overwhelmed because I have SO much I have to get done, and no matter how much I’ve done, I always feel like there’s more that I could be doing. That sucks, because it makes me feel defeated…but I just gotta stay positive!

Anyways, I’m positive that everything will work out just the way its supposed to. ❤️

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